Why TA? – KK

Since it is the question we get asked the most, I think it is useful to try and document some of my thinking before we start on the trail, as I assume hindsight may give us different perspectives.

For me, it is about stepping of the normal treadmill and resetting ourselves. It is about having a solid physical, mental, emotional challenge and letting the rest of the busy-ness of life wash away. Pete and I tend to walk our own path through life, but even still – we’ve been in Nelson 8 years now, and its easy to get sucked into the work-weekend-rinse-repeat. Time to step off that treadmill – and replace our day to day with a new reality. (Ironically it could be seen to be more like a treadmill!)

What I hope? That we smash through all the obstacles, and come out stronger, better, lighter and with some amazing stories to tell. With the added bonus of seeing our country and learning more about it and the great people who choose to live here.

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