Road to Hell

“This ain’t no upwardly mobile freeway. Oh no, this is the road. This is the road. This is the road to hell. ( Chris Rea – Road to Hell ) Walking on State Highway 1 has never been on my bucket-list. Nevertheless here I was, trudging up the Mangamuka Gorge on SH1 facing oncoming traffic which varied between logging trucks, other heavy haulage trucks and … Continue reading Road to Hell

Introducing Wanda

“I am a passenger. And I ride and I ride. I ride through the city’s backside. I see the stars come out of the sky.” (Iggy Pop – Passenger) Eagle-eyed readers of this blog may have already spotted her. And to some extent most trips have that person whose whole is strangely equal to the sum of their parts. In our case it’s Wanda, a … Continue reading Introducing Wanda